SK tool holder / Morse taper / for machining / balanced
DIN 69871-A | TOPRUN - ER



  • Machine mount:


  • Clamping method:

    Morse taper

  • Application:

    for machining

  • Other characteristics:



The model Toprun is a balanceable tool holder designed for high speeds. It enhances the distribution of the masses of its body. This enables the device to rotate without creating centrifugal forces that go beyond the limit.

The tool holder extends the life of the machining center spindle, as well as the lengthening of the tool life. It results in an enhanced accuracy and surface finish. Vibration and noise levels of the machining center can also be lessened by the unit.

For high speed machining, two counterweights in the graduated groove have to be placed according to the indications of the electronic balancing unit. For machining up to 8,000 rpm, the counterweights can be positioned at 0° and at 180°.