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pneumatic press / automatic / membrane
LT3 - LT14



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  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, membrane


Della Toffola’s pneumatic grape presses with lens-shaped membranes are intended for pressing small quantities of product and their small size makes them suitable for installing in any room, however small.

These models are based on an exclusive, patented technology, and differ structurally from Della Toffola’s traditional pneumatic grape presses, though they share the same high structural standards, high yields, and excellent-quality results. They offer all the advantages of a gentle pressing action in a compact package.

The two lens-shaped membranes are installed on the ends of the drum and, when inflated, they expand towards the center of the drum, pressing simultaneously all over its interior. This gives rise to a gentle squeezing action and the consequent release of the liquid from the grapes. The must strains through the whole inside surface of the drum, and is conveyed through circumferential perforated grids, which avoid any clogging and the need for laborious servicing procedures and then to a must collection and conveyor tank situated underneath the press.