polyethylene small wastewater treatment plant / gravitational flow / for domestic use / fixed-bed
DELPHIN® compact 8



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    polyethylene, gravitational flow, for domestic use, fixed-bed, compact, organic


Small wastewater treatment plant DELPHIN® compact 8

The small plant DELPHIN® compact 8 is a system for the decentralized treatment of domestic wastewater for connection sizes up to a population equivalent (PE) of 8. The clarification of the wastewater is the result of a fully biological purification process by means of a submerged and aerated fixed-bed. The plant consists of one tank for earth placement, which is manufactured monolithic (in one piece) out of solid and rot resistant polyethylene.

The fixed-bed technology of the treatment plant ensures a constantly good clarification performance even in periods of varying or minimum loads (so-called underloads). The DELPHIN® compact 8 is designed as a gradual free flow plant in which the wastewater passes the particular treatment stages in downward slope. So it provides the advantages of merely little effort for maintenance and service, a comparatively low power consumption as well as a simple and therefore less error-prone operation of the plant's devices.

The compact and tight design of the small wastewater treatment plant DELPHIN® compact 8 allows its installation even at construction sites with only restricted space available. Furthermore, it is possible to place the plant's tank into an existing TGL-cesspit