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temperature measuring instrument / pH/oxidation-reduction / conductivity / electrochemical
HD 3405.2



  • Measured value:

    temperature, pH/oxidation-reduction, conductivity

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Designed for electrochemical measurements such as temperature and pH, the HD3405.2 is a four bench-top instrument. The data can be displayed, stored, and transferred to printer or PC, due to the multi-standard USB 2.0 and RS-232C ports. Version 2.0 of the DeltaLog9 software is included, as well as subsequent versions. The printing and storing parameters can be set by the user from the menu. This instrument can measure temperatures with up to Pt1000 immersion, contact probes, or penetration. Up to three points can be carried out by the pH electrode calibration, and the sequence can be selected from a list of thirteen buffers. The temperature is continually shown in F or C on the display. One of the parameters is also displayed, according to the type of connected probe being used.