free-standing electric cabinet
IP66, IK10, Nema 1,2,3r,4x,12 | MVAD series



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The Public Lighting Switchboards, which are manufactured by Delvalle, are available for use in highly corrosive hostile environments. The design also allows the perfect evacuation of condensation, while forced ventilation or resistances are available as an option in extreme cases. It is made from stainless steel material, and complies with both EN 62208 and EN 60529 standard.

There are available multiple configurations, combining panels, doors, and separators with different shapes and measurements. The unit has excellent mechanical properties and high resistance to torsion. It also has locks and handles that are anti-vandalism. These public lighting switchboards are specially designed for environment, festivals, christmas lights, advertising panels, traffic lights control, rush and measurement modules, control and protection modules. The unit has protection classes which are IP54 and IP65.