video corpo cad

emulation software / monitoring / control / off-line programming



  • Function:

    monitoring, off-line programming, emulation, development, control, imaging

  • Applications:

    machine, for robots

  • Operating system:



VRC is an emulator that provides a virtual environment for the RC8 on a PC by imaging the RC8 (robot controller) itself.

As an RC8 (robot controller) virtual robot module, VRC provides an RC8 virtual environment on the PC.
When programming in a universal language (Visual C++, Visual BASIC, Delphi, LabVIEW, etc.) on the PC, connecting to the VRC lets you control DENSO Robotics and monitor their statuses in a virtual environment.
Being able to simulate the operation of actual robots without actually using them dramatically improves development efficiency

Provides GUI
As a tool to make VRC states visible, the VRC Teach Pendant allows for the same usage and monitoring as the teach pendant. This tool enables you to check a variety of information including current position, variables, I/O and the error log

Simulation Link
Linking to VRC from commercially available simulation software provides feedback of RC8 (virtual environment) information (such as current position [P type, J type, and T type], variables, and I/O), that can be expressed by GUI of various simulation software products. Path and cycle time for robot motion can be expressed just as on the actual machine to provide simulations even closer to actual execution.