hand-held core drilling machine
DPT 450-011BXOEX



  • Other characteristics:


  • Drill diameter:

    42 mm

  • Rotational speed:

    1,100 rpm (6,911.5 rad.min-1)


This new air drill is primarily used in manual core-drilling applications when equipped with a drill-rod. This drill is exceptionally robust when drilling soft- or semi-solid coal, shale or other soft rock formations.Due to its design and layout, this drill corresponds to the highest safety requirements as stipulated for the use in explosion-hazardous environments (IM2c II2GcIIBT6(80°C)X).This is a worldwide innovation where the first of our drills is equipped with a turbine drive. The drill does not require airline lubrication (oilfree!). This tool outputs an enormous torque of 45 Nm (400 in.lbs.) at maximum power! The innovative regulator of this drill guarantees an extreme long lifespan. The total weight of the drill is only 8.7 kg (19 lbs.) and therefore the power-to-weight ratio is an advantage! The drill is intended for dry-drilling. The simple to use drill-chuck comes in a particular hex size or can be customized according to a customers’ requirement. The frontal exhaust air helps with keeping the drill location clear of debris. To increase the lifespan of the drill, we recommend equipping the drill with an external filter - for example filter part number 6022055A.

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