metal chainsaw / pneumatic / heavy-duty
SH 150-180BX



  • Material to be cut:

    for metals

  • Power source:


  • Other characteristics:



Chain saw - for the cutting of different materials for varying applications in heavy-duty 24/7 industrial operations, such as the machine building- or in the wood-fabricating industry; the saw can also be used in explosion hazardous environmentsChain saw - ATEX-compliant IM2cXIIGcIIBT4 (130°C) X Chain saw - for a 24/7 operation in both industrial- and manual operations, such as machine building, the wood-fabricating industry and even for the use in potentially explosive environments High power output, high cutting speed With integrated hand-safety, safety chainbrake Automatic chain lubrication Possible motor speed relation by lever Simple to operate and maintain

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