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ergonomic tool guide ergonomic tool guide


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These Screwdriver Stands, manufactured by Deprag, have an ergonomic design that provide reliable guidance of screwdriving tools. These stands include Balancer Stands, Linear Stands, Parallelogram Arms, Parallelogram Stands, Telescopic Torque Arm and Swivelarms.

The Position Control Stands, manufactured by Deprag, are utilized as an integrated and optimized positioning control of tools on manual work areas, providing increased process efficiency. The subsequent order of the different screw specifications can play an important role for the processing efficiency when assembling numerous screws onto one component. A dynamic position control stand oversees the procedure wherein screws are allowed to be assembled if the operator has complied with the proper assembly order. Tightening and locking work pieces, supplying connecting parts and activating measuring functions are required to control a process. The comprehensive assembly sequence is processed in the controller module.