inductive proximity sensor / ring / with switching function / plastic



  • Technology:


  • Shape:


  • Output signal:

    with switching function

  • Other characteristics:

    plastic, compact

  • Measuring range:

    14 mm


The rube sensors and inductive ring represent the perfect solution for detecting metallic parts, especially when it comes to automated feeding systems. The sensors come in a high resolution, being delivered with a short response time mainly applied for parts detection and stow control. The inductive ring sensors come with dynamic evaluation with an even higher resolution, being able to detect every tiny part.

The high resolution device also stays stable, especially when ambient conditions change, such as metal-containing contamination, di-soric wire break sensors, with the static functions being used where wires have to be detected in active detection zones. The wire break sensors and ring sensors based on the static and dynamic working principle, and the short response time, are other important advantages. The metal connectors, insensitivity to dirt and high protection class are other benefits.