safety light curtain / multibeam / through-beam / infrared



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  • Other characteristics:


  • Operating range:

    4 m, 6 m (13'01")


Di-soric light curtains are designed to provide high levels of safety in industries and elevators. The light curtains keep track of the designated area with the aid of invisible, IR light rays. The system comprises a anodized aluminium receiver strip and a transmitter.

The safety barrier incorporates multiple through light barriers that are connected to output signals. When an IR ray's path from transmitter to receiver strip is obstructed, the evaluation unit is activated via its output. The evaluation unit may be a separate, amplifying entity, enclosed in an independent housing or it may be built in with the light curtains.

The safety curtains are designed to send out an alarm signal when the IR transmission is infringed. They are compactly structured, incorporate an aluminium casing and can be set-up easily. The transmitter sends out IR light beams that have a 5 to 112 mm spacing between each other. The light curtains can operate at heights of 35 to 5.775 m. They are equipped with relay and transistor outputs.