cleaning machine for the wood industry / high-pressure / environmentally friendly
MRM series



  • Field:

    for the wood industry

  • Other characteristics:

    high-pressure, environmentally friendly


The MRM Knife Ring Cleaning Machine is an automated PLC- controlled system for economical and environmentally friendly cleaning of all common flaker knife rings. The machine includes the ring removal and rotating device as well as the high-pressure cleaning and drying system.

All industries using Knife Ring Flakers and MSF / MSF-PB Strand Flakers

Customer benefits
Highly efficient cleaning
Reduction of maintenance time and operating costs
Installation without foundation possible
Easy, safe and clean maintenance of knife rings
Closed machine cabin for clean operation

Technical features
High-pressure nozzles for optimal cleaning
Short cleaning time
Integrated drying system
Uniform cleaning due to the rotating knife ring
Cleaning program adjustable by PLC control