air separator / magnetic drum / particle / chip
SE series



  • Technology:

    air, magnetic drum

  • Separated substance:

    particle, chip

  • Application domain:

    for the recycling industry, for the wood industry


The SE Sifting Unit is a cost-efficient solution for effectively cleaning chips and flakes of ferrous and heavy impurities and lightweight contaminations. The sifting unit consists of a VC Vibration Conveyor, a permanent magnet drum, a HPS Heavy Particle Separator and an air expansion box with integrated rotary valve, mounted at the supporting frame.

Panel boards (PB and MDF)
Pellets and briquettes
Customer benefits
Cost-efficient solution
Effective cleaning from impurities
Easily adjustable
Designed for moist and dry material applications
Modularly expandable

Technical features
High capacity per unit
Variously perforated, exchangeable screens for VC Vibration Conveyor available
Expansion box with special wear protection
Includes VC Vibration Conveyor (see page 68) with dust cover for clean machine operation
Magnet drum with adjustable discharge point