LED light source / white / blue / green
STAR-07 LED OM series

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LED light source / white / blue / green LED light source / white / blue / green - STAR-07 LED OM series


  • Illumination technology:


  • Spectrum:

    white, blue, green, red

  • Other characteristics:



The LED Optic Module from DLP® Optics Manufacturer ViALUX is the ideal solution for users that need a reliable, high-brightness LED light source that matches the high-quality performance of a DLi or Discovery Developer Controller Board. The LED-OM directs the “ON” pattern through the projection lens, absorbs the “OFF” pattern, and provides visible, monochrome pattern projection without the need of an optical bench and additional light source. It integrates with a 10W high-power LED light source that creates an output that is homogenized in a mixing rod and illuminates the DMD through a relay system.

The LED-OM is designed for use with visible light and has the most advanced solid state emitters. Users can select from a variety of LED light sources with different wavelengths and light power levels. Red, green, blue, white LEDs are available, as well as the new 405nm Violet & 660nm Deep Red LED’s.
The new 405nm Violet LED is our best seller and it is specifically designed for UV applications such as 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping, and Maskless Lithography.