hydraulic filter / basket / high-efficiency / medium-pressure
Duramax® HNK04/05



  • Designed for:


  • Filtration element:


  • Other characteristics:

    high-efficiency, medium-pressure, hydrostatic

  • Operating pressure:

    34.5 bar (500.38 psi)

  • Flow rate:

    35 us gal/min, 50 us gal/min (132.489 l/min)


HNK Duramax® filters utilize a RadialSeal™ design for easier servicing and more reliable seal without having to torque to specification. Synteq™ filter media maintains high filtration efficiency and higher dust-holding capacity. Improved performance including higher burst, greater fatigue strength and longer filter life. Both the HNK04 and HNK05 are class leaders. Use the HNK05 in applications that need higher flow.Applications Fluid Conditioning Systems Case Drains Cooling Circuits Fuel Transfer Hydrostatic Charge Pumps Lube Oil Systems Power Transmissions Return Lines Side Loop Systems Pilot circuits