DRH series

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dredger dredger - DRH series


Small dimensions and high dredging depth.
The dredge with steel cables, for being so user friendly, represents the best solution used in many touristic harbours, they find this machine as the best financial compromise between performance and initial investment. This dredge is built with technology that is suitable also for applications where deep dredging is needed without restrictions of depth. This unit is completely modular, easy to transport and assemble.

Dragflow DRH dredge has become a standard for mine tailing ponds. Its ability to work with heavy slurry, at any depth and even in presence of low pH makes this machines the "best in class" system for tailing management operations.

Electric motor
Diesel engine
Dredge pump power:
hy35/hy50/hy85(hc)(160) with excavators/jet-ring
hy300/hy400 with excavators/jet-ring
Full-optional: dredge complete of soundproof canopy and operator cabin with air conditioning and controls
Basic: dredge with power pack protected by plastic roll up canvas anti-bad weather and controls on the side of power-pack
Discharge distance: up to 1500 m
Capacity: up to 1200 m3/h
Solid passage: up to 120 mm
Depth: up to 100 m