DRT series

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Precision and excellent control of dredging depth.
The dredge equipped with a telescopic boom guarantees precision and control. It can be used in operations in which the maintenance of a precise dredging depth is predetermined. in combination with a powerful monitoring system, allows "surgical" operations. Perfect examples could be a trade harbours where it is essential to remove a precise polluted layer of the sea floor that will be treated with draining systems. A normal dredging could involve an excessive quantity of drain material to be treated, resulting in increase of costs and additional load to the sludge treatment plant.
Electric motor
Dredge pump power:
hy35/hy50/hy85(hc)(160) with excavators/jet-ring
hy300/hy400 with excavators/jet-ring
Full-optional: dredge complete of soundproof canopy and operator cabin with air conditioning and controls
Basic: dredge with power pack protected by plastic roll up canvas anti-bad weather and controls on the side of power-pack
Discharge distance: up to 1000/1200 m
Capacity: up to 1200 m3/h
Solid passage: up to 120 mm
Depth: up to 20 m