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SCARA robot / 6-axis / 7-axis / painting
EcoRP E043i

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SCARA robot / 6-axis / 7-axis / painting SCARA robot / 6-axis / 7-axis / painting - EcoRP E043i


  • Type:


  • Number of axes:

    6-axis, 7-axis

  • Function:


  • Applications:

    for the automotive industry


Paint robots – Modular design, capacity to spare
The third generation of Dürr painting robots is modular in nature. The design has been systematically incorporated in the 6 and 7-axis kinematic system.

These versions therefore differ only due to the additional rotating axis in the main arm. The otherwise thoroughly identical components simplify spare parts management and maintenance work and save on storage costs.

Quick-release fasteners facilitate the removal of cladding and allow extremely effective access for replacing the integrated pneumatic, control and high-voltage components. The color changer and dosing pump are mounted on the robot’s front arm, enabling rapid color changes with little paint loss and low purging-agent consumption.

EcoRP E043i – More flexibility with 7-axis kinematic system

The EcoRP E043i from Dürr’s third generation of robots has an impressive array of innovative features. Its 7th axis, which is directly integrated in the painting robot’s kinematic system, improves its maneuverability and expands its work area. This enables the robot to easily reach parts of the body that are normally hard to access. The superior maneuverability of this 7-axis robot dispenses with the need for a displacement rail in many applications. Consequently, the spray booth can be smaller, and the customer saves on rail investment and maintenance costs.