incremental rotary encoder / optical / digital / IP30
RE 56-3-1000 + TI



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Incremental encoders have no sliding contacts and are not subject to wear.
A light-emitting diode, a slotted metal disc, and a photo-diode array from a photoelectric circuit.
An integral logic produces two squarewave signals phased 90° to each other from the output of the photo diodes, with or without a reference impulse.
Where the cable length between the encoder and controller is more than 2.5 m, we recommend the use of the RE..TI, fitted with an additional driver.
The standard supply voltage for the incremental encoders is 5 VDC.
As specials, 24 V versions are also available.
An IP 54 cover is recommended as protection against external influences.
In combination with motor BG 45 / BG 75 an integral magnetic resistive incremental encoder is available (ME integrated).