sledge hammer / pulse

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sledge hammer / pulse sledge hammer / pulse - 5800B3T


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  • Weight:

    100 g (3.527 oz)


The Dytran version 5800B3T is an EPE instinctive sledge hammer for stimulating large housings with a precise instinctive pressure for analyzing their dynamic properties. The impulse can be utilized for detecting reverberations which is relevant for computation guidelines while analyzing the housing and to distinguish the structural maintenance for test specimen.

The Dytran version 5800B3T features a 1 mV/lbf reactivity and can cover a computation distance of about 5,000 lbf. It also comprises of a crown weight of 3 pounds and is attached with four replaceable jolt tips. An electrical link is established through a BNC jack situated towards the hammer knob terminal. Additionally, the structure of this version implements a unique velocity indemnified piezoelectric force sensor for convenient frequency spectrum without any faults.