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signal conditioner signal conditioner - 4010


The 4010, manufactured by Dytran is a signal conditioner controlled by a microprocessor. Its 3-channel DC signal conditioner amplifier is used together with a bridge-type or different output accelerometers and pressure sensors. The units used incorporate a variable gain adjustment, shunt calibration capability and many excitation level settings.

In order to remove the high frequency clock noise, a microprocessor sleep mode is utilized. The microprocessor wakes to acknowledge the front panel switch depressions It then goes back to sleep after processing and executing the function. The amplifiers can operate with less noise and can have a clean, clock free signals.

The transducer excitation supplies can be adjusted individually for 0.00 to 12.00VDC channels. The output are protected from short circuit. To remove the errors made by long cable lengths, a remote sense leads are given.