rackable DC polarization current source

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rackable DC polarization current source rackable DC polarization current source - 4120


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    rackable DC polarization


Dytran model 4120 power unit is specially designed to provide power of up to 6 channels of IEPE sensors and in-line charge amplifiers. The rack mountable unit measures 1 3/4-inch high and is powered by line current source. The +10 volt bias level sensor signal can be decouple from the DC bias by using a 10µF coupling capacitor for each individual channel. The 6 BNC output jacks present on the unit's front panel monitors the sensor signal.

The power units include regulated DC power supply and constant current circuits that ensures the 6 sensor channels with a constant current DC power. The constant current sources offer easy individual adjustment from 2 to 20 mA of drive current per channel. In case of unavailability of AC power, there is provision for operation from external +24 VDC batteries or DC power packs