hydraulic rotary vane pump / fixed-displacement / compact / high-pressure
VQ(H) series



  • Type:

    rotary vane

  • Other characteristics:

    fixed-displacement, compact, high-pressure, high-efficiency, low-noise, modular


The VQ and VQH Series of displacement vane pumps from Eaton all sport intra-vane cartridge designs. These designs enable the pumps longer operating lifespans, extensive volumetric quality, and productive operation values. They also provide a sturdy, docile iron housing that showcases identical envelope dimensions as the VQ Series.

Though many of the displacement 10-vane pumps share substantial designs and many available bearing and valve choices, the VQH Series features more extensive pressure and performance levels. This is brought about by a new rotor architecture that minimizes leakage levels and improves rotor hardness.

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