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vector control frequency inverter / three-phase / single-phase / permanent magnet
DB1 Cold Plate



  • Type:

    vector control, three-phase, single-phase, permanent magnet, Modbus, asynchronous, brushless

  • Mounting:

    horizontal, vertical

  • Applications:

    for asynchronous motors, for synchronous motor, for permanent magnet motors, for pumps, HVAC, for material handling equipment, fan

  • Protection class:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, Modbus, CANopen, variable-speed

  • Power:

    Min.: 370 W

    Max.: 4,000 W


The DB1 is a cold plate frequency drive that functions without a heat sink. But how does the technology work? It’s simple. The cooling of the electronics is handled by the materials in the enclosure itself.

By eliminating the heat sink, the devices can be installed even in confined spaces that lack sufficient ventilation. Cabinets or enclosures can be sealed off without any problems, as the materials they contain will themselves conduct the heat away from the device. This makes the devices suitable for use in harsh and demanding environments, including high temperatures or humidity.

The compact design and easy handling of the DB1variable frequency drive is the ideal partner for integration into existing systems and housings.

Due to the small dimensions of the variable frequency drive DB1 has the smallest IEC compatible housing shape on the market, this achieves a space saving of 40% .