inkjet marking machine / hand-held / compact / high-resolution



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    compact, high-resolution, mobile, for metal, for wood


It is light, handy and wireless. Completely mobile and versatile. You can print the text you create in almost any language on almost any surface. The Handjet EBS-260 is the mobile solution for all applications where there is not enough space to use a stationary inkjet coder. Its print height ranges from 11 mm to 57 mm.

A comfortable operation via a touch screen also allows the creation of texts without a PC. If you still want to work from your PC, no cable is needed, the printer has wifi and bluetooth.

Speed is what you need
One text - one object. Marked in less than 5 seconds. Try this with a stencil! And that also works upside down.

Don't waste time to transport your products to the printer. Bring the printer to the product! Handjet EBS-260 is easily transportable and doesn't needs big preparation.

The coder only weighs as little as 8 eight apples. Tired arms are things from the past. You can easily work for hours and you don't even feel the weight.

Works even over head!
Hard-to-reach objects such as ventilation pipes are often accessible only overhead. The handjet prints in any position, thanks to valve technology.

Mobility, flexibility and cost reduction: EBS Handjet
Handjet EBS-260 stands for unrestricted mobility, simple handling and operational capability even under harsh operating conditions. The coder has many useful features for everyday use that make your life easier.

High efficiency due to low ink consumption and long battery life help you to significantly reduce your operating costs. See more of the Handjet's features that will make your job easier.

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