zamak die casting / aluminum / large series / medium series
Pressofusione alluminio e zama zamak

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zamak die casting / aluminum / large series / medium series zamak die casting / aluminum / large series / medium series - Pressofusione alluminio e zama zamak


  • Material:

    zamak, aluminum

  • Production method:

    large series, medium series

  • Applications:

    for railway, military, industrial, for the food industry, automotive, for the construction industry, medical, for transportation, for the maritime sector, for the energy sector

  • Certifications:

    ISO 9001


Zamak casting
Die-casting is the most common method for machining zinc alloys(zamak) for manufacturing accessories, components and small items.

Manufacturing of Aluminumdie-casting using presses that vary from 200T to 500T that allows to obtain castings with weights from 1gto a maximum of 3.5 kg and guarantees a high-quality with low cost equipment.

Manufacturing of Zamak die-casting using presses that vary from 7.5T to 200T equipped with lubricator and remover with which we can get castings weighing up to 2.5 kg. It is possible to make chrome finishes orother surface treatmentson request.

What is Zamak?
It is a group of alloys with high zinc content(with modest amount ofalloying elements such as aluminum, magnesium and sometimes copper), particularly suitable for the production of castings that are complicatedto be achieved through the casting process. These provide part swith excellent surface finish and narrow dimensional tolerance sat high production rates.

Zamakis characterized by a high electrical and thermal conductivity, a good mechanical strength and hardness, a good dimensional stability and aptitude for creating even small thicknesses well below 0.3mm.

EDR Fittings is specializes in supplying "Finished" products, that is comprehensive of machining and surface treatments of the highest quality that can satisfy even the most critical needs.