self-centering vise / for machine tools / hydraulic / low-profile
AIV 500J



  • Applications:

    for machine tools

  • Operation:


  • Configuration:

    low-profile, rotary

  • Other characteristics:

    precision, self-centering, automatic

  • Max. clamping force:

    21,000 N

  • Stroke:

    40 mm


Automatic indexing vise
The AIV indexing vises are specific products for installation on the table of milling machining centers, with non-self-centering closure.The machine tool table must be prepared with nr. 2 hydraulic ways for the opening / closing command, Nr. 2 hydraulic ways for rotation / indexing, nr. 1 pneumatic way for pressurization and nr. 1 central proximity switch, of the contactless type (Balluf Power Remote) for the management of the 4 electrical signals coming from the micro inserted in the gripping equipment. Detailed documentation is provided on request.These vises are exclusively intended for use as a static locking unit (mounting on CNC rotary tables, with rotating tools); they can in no case be used for turning operations (refer to the Indexing spindles catalog for this type of application) with high rotation speed.

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