bag stretch wrapping machine / turntable / rotary arm / fully automatic
Uniwrap Series



  • Type:

    turntable, rotary arm

  • Operating mode:

    fully automatic, semi-automatic

  • Product applications:


  • Other characteristics:

    stretch film


High quality stretch wrappers for an affordable price.

SPEED - 5 to 150 pallets per hour
PALLET DIMENSION - All pallet sizes
OPERATION - Very user-friendly

We supply and install Stretch Wrap machines for any pallet wrapping purpose, mostly for bags on pallets.

The Stretch Wrapper can wrap up to 150 pallets per hour with 400 % pre-stretch value.

Plastic wrap packaging increases the stability of pallets and it protects the pallet goods against the weather elements if the pallet is placed outside. As such, pallets wrapped in plastic safeguard their products as much as possible.

Our stretch wrap machines can use different sizes of plastic wrap for pallets. The most common thickness ranges from 10 my to 30 my.