cooled camera / scientific vision / full-color / monochrome



  • Function:

    scientific vision

  • Spectrum:

    full-color, monochrome

  • Sensor:


  • Other characteristics:

    for microscopes, cooled

  • Number of pixels:

    6,000,000 unit


The newest 6MP EHD-CCD6000 camera includes the Sony ICX694 1" CCD sensor and is available as monochrome or color version. The sensor is cooled down using a 2-stage thermo electricalcooler with a dT of 45deg. Standard features of the camera include internal frame buffer, USB3.0 connectivity, and ultra-fast download speed of up to 5Gbit/second. The EHD-CCD6000 comes with advanced video&image processing application software EHDView, providing Windows/Linux/OSX multiple platform SDK, Native C/C++, DirectShow, Twain control API.

Standard C-Mount, and also 2" M42x0.75 Mount available.