stainless steel flap disc



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TRIMFIX® ZIRCOPUR® is a quality flap disc with revolutionary backing plate technology equipped with high-tech zirconium fabric for first-rate grinding results at an unbeatably affordable price for this superb quality. The viscoelastic backing plate made of natural fibre compound allows the disc to adapt perfectly to the surface of the workpiece. Supplied in all generally available sizes and grits, it's a universal aid you can rely on.

• High-tech zirconium fabric for high-performance grinding of steel and stainless steel • Very good grinding results with unbeatable value for money • Backing plate can be fully trimmed – entire disc can be used • Natural fibre backing plate minimises odours and has a damping effect on vibration • Blends are particularly soft due to optimum adjustment to workpieces • Natural fibre compound backing plate is kind to the environment and to users (CO2-neutral)