handheld polishing grinder / electric / compact



  • Configuration:


  • Operation:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Power:

    1,600 W, 1,750 W (2.2 hp)

  • Rotational speed:

    Max.: 3,800 rpm (23,876.1 rad.min-1)

    Min.: 1,000 rpm (6,283.2 rad.min-1)


Effective immediately, the newly developed planetary gear distributes traction across three additional gear wheels in a sophisticated arrangement. This makes transmission or electronics overload a thing of the past. Significantly improved airflow technology with a turbofan, strongly enclosed rotor and field coil, and the new DUST PROTECT SYSTEM add up to a powerhouse in search of an equal. The new turbofan ensures heat dissipation, effectively preventing heat-related shutdowns, even during the heaviest grinding work with ceramic grinding belts. The new cooling mechanics allows airflows of up to 400 km/h, making its overload capacity unique.
• Minimal force required due to the revolutionary, sophisticated enclosure system
• The true 2/3 enclosure (for diameters of 30 to 42 mm) allows machining pipes through 360 degrees from a single position. The arms are closed by pulling a lever.
• Ideal for pipe diameters of 25 – 70 mm
• Innovative technology: gas pressure damping system reduces force required and allows pipe to be gently enclosed..
• The balanced shaft handle with non-slip rubber inserts allows the tool to be operated easily in any conceivable position.
• Extremely powerful motor (1,750 W) and new HT (high torque) transmission mechanics for wear-resistant power transmission – made entirely in Germany.
• Planetary gear provides maximum torque throughout the speed range (820 to 3,000 rpm, belt speed 3 – 10 m/sec) with a tacho-generator for constant speed, even under load.
• New, optimised building components for reduced weight
• Especially robust and kink-proof cable ensures long service life

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