fuel oil hose / for marine applications / for cisterns / rubber



  • Use:

    fuel oil

  • Applications:

    for marine applications, for cisterns

  • Material:


  • Inner diameter:

    Min.: 63 mm

    Max.: 200 mm

  • Outer diameter:

    Min.: 79 mm

    Max.: 225 mm

  • Pressure:

    16 bar, 20 bar (232.06 psi)


Marine Bunkering and Cargo Hoses are used for loading and unloading bunker boats, tankers and Navy ships , naval mobile supply, in harbours and refinerie and for offshore facilities. Suitable for petroleum based products up to 50 % aromatic content.

'Yellow Band' collapsible high pressure hose without helix
Type FHD - can be reeled up flat, takes few place to stow away and is easy to handle. Sizes DN 75 - 200. Meets German military standard VG 95 955 and EN 1765, type L. Not suitable for gravity discharge and for suction. Avoid permanent kinking.

'YELLOW BAND' Marine hoses
Type STW - a suction and discharge hose, also suitable for gravity
discharge because the helix helps to keep the diameter round. Sizes DN 63 - 225. Ideal also as flexible duct for floating bridges to compensate for level
differences. Meets German military standard VG 95 955.

'Yellow band' bunkering hose with vulcanised built-in nipples
bunkering hoses with conical transition to the fi tting and covered reinforcements. Vulcanised built-in fl ange nipples (see overleaf). Meets EN 1765.

Type SBL is a light weight and very flexible collabsible hose without helix for pressure service. Meets category L 10 of EN 1765. Sizes DN 100 - 250. Suitable for manual handling, very flexible. Entspricht Kategorie L10 der EN 1765. Not suitable for gravity discharge and for suction. Avoid permanent kinking.

Type SBS is the heavy standard bunkering hose with two steel helices for suction and discharge. Meets EN 1765 category S 15. Sizes DN 150 - 300. Very robust, kink resistant and long life service.

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