flash-point testing device / automatic
Elcometer 6910/2 Setaflash Serie 3 mit offenem Tiegel



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The Elcometer 6910/2 Open Cup Tester offers the fastest and most accurate flash point instrument at a cost effective price.

Certain substances, classified as “flammable” by closed cup flash point testing, may be reclassified as “non-flammable” by combustibility testing. This has significant potential cost reduction implications for the packaging, storage and shipping of many materials.

The Elcometer 6910/2 features an open cup for flash/no-flash finite determinations or sustained combustion tests, audible and on-screen prompts and easy calibration. Flash point tests can be conducted in less than two minutes with a temperature range from ambient to 300°C (ambient to 572°F).

A manually operated flame sweeping arm is fitted to the cup and gas is supplied from the integral tank via a control valve. The flash or sustained combustion characteristics of the sample are observed visually by passing the test flame over the sample.

• Flash point test in less than 2 minutes
• Small sample size, 2ml (0.067fl oz)
• Audible and on-screen prompts
• Portable
• Simple calibration