flash-point testing device / automatic
Elcometer 6910 Setaflash Serie 8 Active Cool m. ges. Tiegel



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The Elcometer 6910 Setaflash ‘Series 8’ Active-Cool Closed Cup Tester offers the same features as the Setaflash ‘Series 8’ Closed Cup Tester but is designed with a temperature range of -20°C to 130°C (-4°F to 266°F) with no external cooling required. When connected to a suitable water supply, the range is extended down to -20°C (- 4°F) and operates with an electric ignition.

This Active Cool Closed Cup Tester uses the Peltier cell technology for heating and cooling, ensuring precise temperature control and rapid cool down after a test is completed.

• Small sample size, 2ml (0.067fl oz) or 4ml (0.135fl oz)
• Flash/No Flash & Ramp Modes
• Electric ignitor
• Automatic dipping and flash detection
• Active-Cool electronic Peltier cooling
• 64 test memory & RS232 interface