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optical imaging system / compact / for analysis
UMaster MS

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optical imaging system / compact / for analysis optical imaging system / compact / for analysis - UMaster MS


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    optical, compact

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    for analysis


Multispectral imaging systems generate different images of the same object at different wavelengths. Compare to color imaging this technique is much more powerful avoiding metamerism problems and analyzing in depth the light emission properties of any object. Until now, this technology has been limited to select military, medical and scientific applications. Indeed, absolute measurements are quite difficult to obtain using most of these techniques. We present here a system that allows absolute multispectral measurements in the visible range with excellent accuracy.

UMaster MS includes a true 16-bit Peltier cooled CCD camera , different filter wheels with band pass filters and imaging objective telecentric on sensor side.

High accuracy
ELDIM is manufacturing on its own all the key components of its systems. The quality of the optics is optimum thanks to advanced tech-nologies such as magnetorheological polishing or stitching interferometry. Antireflective coatings and optical alignments are performed in house to reduce straight light. The imaging objective is telecentric on the sensor side which ensures same light collection efficiency at each distance and the same transmittance in all the imaging field for the band pass filters.