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heat pipe heat exchanger / air/water / galvanized steel / oil cooler
PWS series



  • Type:

    heat pipe

  • Fluid:


  • Material:

    galvanized steel

  • Other characteristics:

    oil cooler, IP55

  • Applications:


  • Power:

    Max.: 385 W (1,313.67 BTU/h)

    Min.: 68 W (232.03 BTU/h)


This range of vertical air-water heat exchanger, PWS, with a IP 55 protection degree, is ideal for dusty environments with high temperatures. Air cleanliness and the temperature around the enclosure will not affect the heat exchanger's performance. Several sizes of the heat exchanger are available, making the choice of the most optimum heat exchanger easy.

For vertical installation. Additional work is not required to the cutout to guarantee the IP. Integrated thermostat and solenoid valve for temperature control, and temperature monitoring with alarm contact. The thermostat is adjustable between 8ºC and 50ºC, factory setting 35ºC. Maximum permissible operating pressure of 10 bar. The cooling capacity for specific conditions are indicated in the diagrams. Water inlet temperature between 1ºC up to 35ºC.

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