brushless DC drive / 2-quadrant / compact



  • Type:

    brushless, 2-quadrant

  • Other characteristics:


  • Power:

    475 W

  • Current:

    5 A, 10 A


The device is a two-quadrant brushless DC speed control meant for BLDC motors that go up to 475W. It is housed in a compact closed-frame, panel mounted aluminum module. The drive has a control enable/disable, direction and set value inputs. It has an adjustable current limit. It is available in voltages up to 50 V and with 5 A and 10 A. The drive tends to be protected against over-current and over-temperature. It has MOSFET technology in order to to improve efficiency. The connectivity is achieved with a simple screw-terminals for control/ feedback inputs, supply power and motor connections. The drive has brushless speed control technology. Its nominal current is 5A or 10A.