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Elma Tec Clean

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aqueous cleaning solution aqueous cleaning solution - Elma Tec Clean


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Series of cleaning agents for in industrial parts cleaning

• Elma Tec Clean A1
- Cleaning concentrate for glass and ceramic substrates, electro-mechanical components, plastic parts
- Removes polishing residues, light oil, grease, flux agents

• Elma Tec Clean A2
- Contains ammonia
- Removes grease, oil, polishing, lapping and grinding residues
from non-ferrous and precious metals as well as their alloys, brass, copper, iron, glass

• Elma Tec Clean A3
- Removes grinding and polishing residues, punching oil, drawing grease and high-perfomance cooling lubrincants from parts made of steel, stainless steel, iron, titanium, preciuous metals

• Elma Tec Clean A4
- For cleaning metal, glass, plastic, ceramic, rubber
- Removes oil, grease, soot, combustion residues, dust, polishing and lapping agents

• Elma Tec Clean A5
- Mild alkanine cleaner for metal, cast iron, aluminuim and light metals, zinc, rubber
- Removes forged and resinified oil, grease, lacquer and paint remnants, wax, grinding and polishing agents

• Elma Tec Clean N1
- pH-neutral cleaning agent for light and precious metals, glass, plastic, ceramic and rubber
- Removes grinding, lapping and polishing agents, oil, grease, sweat

• Elma Tec Clean S1
- Acidic cleaning concentrate used for cleaning stainless steel, aluminium, non-ferrous metals, brass, plastic, glass
- Removes rust, lime, oxides, mineral grease and oil

• Elma Tec Clean S2
- Acidic agent for cleaning stainless steel, steel, precious metals, glass, ceramics, acid-resistant plastics
- Removes mineral grease and oil, polishing and lapping agents
- Derusts ferrous metals and dissoles limescales