laser cleaning machine / automatic / metal machining / for molds
LC 4-2



  • Technology:


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  • Field:

    metal machining

  • Other characteristics:

    for molds


Standalone LC 4-2 laser cleaning machine for implementation in manufacturing lines or as a standalone machine

The LC 4-2 laser cleaning machine evaporates impurities on surfaces using a high-energy laser beam. The machine is designed for components with a max. diameter of 200 mm and a max. height of 350 mm.

Laser cleaning in detail

Laser beam cleaning is a method that, for quite some time now, is no longer solely implemented for mold cleaning, but that can also be implemented to clean a wide range of different components during processing. The success of the laser as an alternative to conventional cleaning methods can be attributed to the numerous advantages of the process. For one, the method only incurs very low operating costs, since no cleaning agents are used and no waste disposal is required. Secondly, the process is very precise and gentle on surfaces. Finally, the excellent cleaning results that can be achieved with the laser beam are ultimately the decisive factor. The laser evaporates oxides, dirt particles of all kinds and above all impurities from polymer-based lubricants, which are particularly difficult to remove, in a matter of seconds. The remaining surface is perfectly prepared for subsequent machining, e.g. laser welding.