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aluminum polishing machine / for flat parts / surface / finishing



  • Machined material:

    for aluminum

  • Applications:

    for flat parts

  • Other characteristics:


  • Associated function:



The mean feature consists in having a fixed head, where cotton/sisal brushes are mounted for processing. Thanks to the extremely robust and especially studied structure, we ensure absolute flatness of profile surface to assure always the same finish along the entire profile. Moreover, suction is excellent since it remains fixed in the same servicing spot, as the dust collector is linked directly to the head where the finishing cycle takes place and where the paste-spraying guns are mounted. The machine is supplied with a main mobile pallet/base and 1 mobile platform on which the profiles are placed.
The speed of the main pallet/base is controlled by an inverter and varies from 0 to 20 metres/ min., thus optimizing the production cycle. The processing cycle, handled by an Allen Bradley PLC (=programmable logic controller), is extremely simple given the system’s top level automation. To ensure a wholly safe processing cycle, the pallets/bases are equipped with aerial clamps to lock profiles during processing. Besides ensuring total locking of the profiles, this pneumatic system affords the advantage of polishing short and long profiles, without having to intervene manually on the strokes.