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mandrel mandrel - System SG


Maximum break force by high precision
No other component of a vehicle plays a more important role for the safety than the braking system. The absolute function of the brake discs is of decisive importance. Generally the maximum brake force depends on the friction coefficients of the involved materials, the current temperature and the pressure used to press the brake pads onto the disc.
Vehicle brake systems must be exactly defined so that the kinetic energy can be relieved within the short period available during its application. The brake discs are exposed to high mechanical and thermic loads: to brake a vehicle of 1.500 kg from 200 km/h to a standstill within 10 seconds, the brake system performs 230 kW.

even under exceptional conditions
To guarantee the high-precise setting of a total part family of brake discs, EMUGE designed a system of mandrel and chuck clamping. The complete finish machining of the brake discs including drilling operations could be realized with three settings. Emuge developped a modular quick-change system for internal as well as external clamping. With only a few hand grips the machine can be retrofitted within shortest time for the individual clamping diameters, only the clamping element and the workpiece end stop are to be exchanged. When changing from internal to external clamping the complete clamping head is exchanged over a quick-change mechanism without releasing the draw bar connection in the spindle. As a consequence the productivity is clearly higher.