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vacuum packaging machine / compact vacuum packaging machine / compact


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P.S. Nozzle Vacuum Sealer : suitable for vacuum bags. The length of vacuum bags is not limit.

There are two type of nozzle vacuum sealer: motor control and air control.

1. Stainless steel outer casing, rustproof, solid and heavy-duty, health and hygiene to be used.
2. Professional vacuum sealer to perform of high sealing quality, widely use for industry.
3. Sealing operation: (1) Manual seal: by hand operation. (2) Pressure sensor switch
control: if the air inside of bag is vacuumed out, the sealer will seal the bag automatically. (3) Setting vacuum time.
4. Counting of PCB function: after vacuuming and sealing, the machine will count the operating number of times automatically. It can be clearly to know how many bags that were finished.
5. Equipped water filter to prevent humidity into machine to destroy the machine parts inside.
6. The compact design, which can save space and move easily.
7. Vacuum package to keep food fresh longer and keeps the precious articles from humidity.
8. Available for: any kinds of vacuum sealer bag
Commercial grade nozzle external vacuum sealer - sealing action setting:
(1) Manual sealing: According to the user's needs, press the sealing button at any time to seal the action.
(2) Automatic (pressure switch detection): Once the air in the bag is exhausted, the machine automatically seals.
(3) Pumping time: Set the pumping time according to the user's demand. When the time is up, the machine will automatically seal the action.
Commercial grade nozzle external vacuum sealer - Scope:
• Use in foods to extend the shelf life of food.