dust concentration and opacity monitoring system / emissions / measurement / process



  • Type:

    dust concentration and opacity

  • Applications:

    emissions, measurement, process, for the construction industry, alarm, for safety, (CEMS) continuous emission, particle, dust, remote control, for the automotive industry, dust emission, for clean rooms, for indoor air quality, air, device, transporter band, for sachet filling machines, secured area, for storage tanks

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, real-time, RS232, online, with visualization system, control system, measuring system, data acquisition, analog I/O, mobile, smart, stationary, robust, continuous


Continuous dust monitoring
in ambient air
Monitoring of dust concentration in control system areas, silo areas, boiler houses or work stations.

The creation of dust explosion zones can be prevented.
Dust concentrations at work stations are safely monitored.
Possible dust escape from system parts is quickly detected.
AirSafe can be used as early detection for dust which could endanger the workplace.
Also for applications in zone 22 dust.