particle detector / thickness / overload / sand



  • Detected entity:

    particle, thickness, overload, sand

  • Technology:

    microwave, digital, radar

  • Other characteristics:

    industrial, with digital display, real-time, calibration, high-sensitivity, wall-mounted, instrumentation, professional, with alarm, with data logging, Modbus, process, security, high-temperature, multi-sensor


Screen break detection
Paddy is a particle sensor for on-line monitoring of coarse grain in the flow.
If multiplied coarse particles are detected in the product flow, an alarm is given.

Monitoring of the material flow regarding the presence of oversized particles
Uses state-of-the-art microwave technology in combination with intelligent evaluation software
Can be installed in free-fall pipes downstream from screening or grinding systems
Possibility of trend showing for grain size
Fast detection of coarse particles, for as little as 10 % of the mass flo