flue gas analyzer / oxygen / carbon dioxide / biogas
MIR 9000



  • Measured entity:

    flue gas, oxygen, carbon dioxide, biogas, dissolved ammonia, nitrate, carbon monoxide, fluoride, acid, nitrogen oxide, nitrogen, hydrocarbon, sulfur, nitrogen dioxide, exhaust gas, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, process gas, multigas, sulfur dioxide, stack gas, total organic carbon, nitrogen monoxide, aluminum, CO2/02, ammonia, total hydrocarbon, cement, biomass

  • Measured value:

    concentration, infrared absorption

  • Configuration:

    portable, in situ

  • Other characteristics:

    with data logger, continuous, infrared, automatic, for monitoring gas emissions, non-dispersive, for hazardous environments, process, for the mining industry, compact, online, data acquisition, high-definition, calibration, multi-parameter, simultaneous, chemiluminescence, high-performance, rugged, for harsh environments, multi-channel, cost-effective, extractive, with touchscreen


The MIR 9000 from ENVEA is a multi-gas infrared GFC analyzer that is specifically designed for NO, NO2, NOx, N2O, CO, CO2, SO2, HCl, HF, CH4, TOC and O2. The usable operating temperature of the analyzer ranges from 5 °C up to 40 °C. It has an optional measurement of NOX by chemiluminescence. Furthermore, the device is suitable for applications involving power plants, gas turbines, petrochemical industries, process control, and accredited testing laboratories.