UV-Vis spectrophotometer / benchtop / compact / single-beam
BioSpectrometer® Series



  • Spectrum:


  • Mounting:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, single-beam, absorbance, fluorescence

  • Technical applications:


  • Wavelength:

    Max.: 830 nm

    Min.: 200 nm


The Eppendorf BioSpectrometer® basic makes your work easier: convenient handling, guided software procedures, operation directly on the device, preprogrammed methods, automatic evaluation of measurement data, and clear presentation of results.

Product Information
Building on the legacy of the Eppendorf BioPhotometer D30, the Eppendorf BioSpectrometer basic shares its simplicity, flexibility and reliability. In addition to the Biophotometer D30, the Biospectrometer basic has freely selectable wavelengths from 200 – 830 nm (selectable in 1 nm increments). This allows the user to define the parameters of each assay, whether it be a scan, a single-wavelength measurement or a multi-wavelength measurement. The Eppendorf BioSpectrometer basic caters to more disciplines as the wavelengths are not pre-defined and allows for non-routine assays or new assays to be easily programmed (in addition to the pre-programmed routine methods). The Eppendorf BioSpectrometer basic is a robust yet flexible ˝workhorse˝.

Looking for the target?

The Eppendorf µCuvette is optimized for very low sample volumes. The hydrophobic surface coating on quartz glas enables convenient sample loading.