automatic soldering station / digital / with temperature control



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  • Digital/analog:


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    with temperature control


The i-CON Vario 4 comes in 4 different tool configurations. Each model variant fits a specific set of application requirements. The versions include the X-Tool, the i-Tool Air S, the i-Tool, and the Chip Tool Vario variation.

This multi-channel station matches all demand specifications needed in soldering and desoldering applications.

Perfect touch-up workplace: 4 soldering tools ready to operate!

- Soldering and desoldering station to operate one i-TOOL AIR S and three other soldering tools at the same time
- Intelligent power management for dynamic power distribution
- Extremly silent blow air supply for i-TOOL AIR S
- Built in vacuum pump for desoldering tools
- Easy operation - intuitive one touch push button and two large multifunctional displays
- Different soldering and desoldering tools connectable
- Integrated interface to solder fume extraction unit, heating plate and PC
- USB interface
- Antistatic design