impact marking machine / hand-held / pneumatic / high-speed



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    pneumatic, high-speed, CNC, for metal


ESAB’s Pneumatic Punch Marker uses a marking process similar to an industrial pneumatic hammer to impact impressions on the surface of mild steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Capacitive height control maintains a constant standoff for consistent marking and accurate, heavy-duty pattern layout of both scribed lines and single point marks.

The size and depth of punched marks are determined by air pressure and material hardness. Marking frequency and punching power are adjustable and allow NC-controlled punch marking of dots, lines or letters. A double-ended marking tip provides higher productivity.

The Pneumatic Punch Marker:
• Efficiently marks the drilled hole location for subsequent plate drilling
• Produces scribed lines for secondary operations such as bend lines, layout lines or weldments
• Marks numbers or letters on cut parts using Character Generator option

Heavy-duty design with replacement tips
Rugged, high-speed motorized lifter features dual linear rails for stiffness and accuracy
Automatic air-line oiler is mounted on station
Adjustable dwell timer allows for center punch marking
Adjustable speed for scribe marking
Automatic Capacitive Height Control for punch marker station
Automatically establishes initial height
Maintains height while marking
Depth of mark is adjusted by pressure and speed