scribe marking machine / hand-held / automatic / pneumatic



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  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, pneumatic, high-speed, for metal


ESAB’s Scribe Marker uses an industrial hand tool with hardened steel tip to create single point marks or scribed lines on any metal. This simple, rugged and reliable device provides highly accurate marking at high speed. It operates using ordinary compressed air and features an air line oiler for long tool life.

To scribe lines, the vibrating tool is moved across the surface of the metal, floating in the vertical direction on a linear bearing slide. A pneumatic cylinder raises the scribe from the work piece when not in use.

The scribe marker is usually added in tandem with a cutting station. Depending on machine type, it can also be supplied with automatic height control and motorised lifter.

The Pneumatic Scribe Marker is smaller and lighter than the Pneumatic Punch Marker, and produces a thinner, more accurate scribed line.