rain test chamber / modular
40 x 40 x 40" | ER37

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rain test chamber rain test chamber - 40 x 40 x 40" | ER37


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ESPEC makes rain and spray testing easier by offering a standard chamber capable of published and OEM proprietary test methods.

The standardized design can be configured for the rain/spray tests you need, eliminating the guesswork in buying a chamber. The system is based on the JIS/SAE specification requirements, and can also accomplish individual automakers tests, as well as electrical-enclosure tests.

Our Design
ESPEC's modular design allows you to add on additional features, depending on the number and type of tests required. One possible choice is to integrate the spray system with a regular temperature and humidity chamber to save money and floor space, while also creating an opportunity to simulate actual operating conditions your product may experience.

Our system uses multiple control solenoids to vary the water's spray volume/pressure. A holding tank prepares the water to the desired temperature, if required. A pump ensures the water is delivered in the proper pressure range. The water is fed to a motorized manifold that rotates the spray arms. Each spray arm has an adjustable valve to allow finer control of the spray.